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Training with Jake

My link to the world of snowboarding came in March of 1994. It was then that I first met Jake Burton, founder and president of Burton snowboards.

Two months earlier, Jake had been hit by a skier and his lower leg had been broken in five places. Since Jake's focus was on riding ASAP, we started work immediately. As an athlete myself, who had recently undergone a major back operation, I understood his sense of urgency. The program focused on rehabilitating the leg, while improving the overall condition of the whole body. Through a combo of open chain/closed chain exercises, balance, PNF stretching, and a lot of sweat, Jake's leg condition improved.

That next season, Jake was back on a board. Then, in March of 1996, another setback occurred. While riding in Stowe, the tibial plateau of the same injured leg was crushed when Jake hit a tree. Surgery was performed and we started passive motion the day he got out of the hospital. Working 5-6 days a week on retaining muscle and overall body condition, while allowing the fresh bone to heal, was a delicate process.

Amazingly, after a month of hard work, Jake was bearing full weight!! Concentration was then geared geared toward leg symmetry and performance. Snowboarding specific exercise and training became the rule. I then started adding impact training (plyometrics) with agility and balance exercise to the program. This training, combined with Jake's great attitude and work ethic, made for a very successful recovery. Many of the exercises listed in this snowboard program are the same ones that Jake, myself, and other riders have been using over the past years. I'm sure they will be as successful for you as they have been for us.

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