Snowboard Workout Program
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Strength Training

The strength program outlined below combines strength, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance. As you've probably noticed most of the exercises you can do in your own home, but there are a few that require weights. So you may want to purchase a few pounds at your local sporting goods store. I've also included many movements that incorporate the balance board. By training balance you're training the body to control its center of gravity, body angle and equilibrium under unstable conditions. This is something a rider can use at any level.

Strength Training Workout sheet (PDF: 23kb) - Adobe Acrobat Reader required

The Details

Total body:
2-3 days per week. 1 day rest between workouts
Torso training:
3-5 days per week
2 sets @ 1 minute a set. 1 minute rest between sets. Bodyweight should be all the resistance you need; (for legs you may need to add wieght). (This is a tough workout! Especially with the upper-body exercises. If you're a beginner or you don't think you will finish the sets, start off with 30 seconds a set and keep the repetitions slow, or start in-season program with light weights). For advanced try increasing the speed of repetition (tempo).
(six weeks prior
to start of season)
3 sets of 10 repetitions. ( Find a weight where it's a struggle to finish the repetitions in 3rd set). 1 minute rest between sets. (to maximize your workout time, try using the stretches I have included with strength exercises).
1-1.5 hours a workout for Strength and Stretch

Lower Body Excercises

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