Snowboard Workout Program
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Reverse side crunch

It's no fun riding with a sore back! Instead of pulling out that old velcro brace this year, let your body create it's own internal one! This simple exercise will help strengthen about every muscle in your upper and lower back and does it in a rotative manner. By strengthening these muscles, along with the abdominals and obliques, the stronger torso creates a intrathoratic pressure. This helps stabilize the spine from the inside out. Pretty cool! huh? You'll notice the difference in takeoffs, landings, uneven terrain, pretty much anything that creates compressional forces in the body.

The Details
1. Lying prone (flat on belly) clasp hands behind head.
2. Raise side and elbow up as one with other elbow on floor.
3. Lower down and raise opposite side.
No modifications for beginners. Just remember to use this exercise in conjunction with abdominal and oblique exercises.

Lower Body Excercises

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