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Piriformis crunch

The piriformis crunch is one of my favorite floor exercises. Similar to the piriformis stretch, the big difference is the rocking motion instead of a pause at the end of flexion. Not only does this stretch the lateral rotators of the hip (the piriformis being one of them) but also strengthens the abdominal by rotation of the pelvis. A great pre-ride warm-up. It will help prepare the lower body and torso for flexion, extension and rotational forces.

The Details
1. Lying supine (flat on back) clasp hands behind head.
2. Rest left foot on bent right knee.
3. Drive right leg up slightly lifting pelvis off floor.
4. Lower right foot to floor and repeat.
5. When finished switch legs.
You might want to try the piriformis stretch before you attempt this one.

Lower Body Excercises

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