Snowboard Workout Program
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Calf Raise

The calf raise helps the snowboarder in two ways. 1. It strengthens the gastrocnemius/soleus complex on the way up. 2. It stretches the same muscles on the way down. Maintaining a heelside or toeside edge requires high degree of strength and flexibility from this particular muscle group. For advanced riders try pivoting on toe going up and going down (heel in/heel out) .

The Details
1. Stand upright, with ball of foot resting on edge of step or block or wood. (make sure the heel can lightly tap floor in bottom position). Hold on to wall or post for balance
2. Lower heel to floor.
3. Raise up on toe.
4. for extra stretch hold bottom position for :30 seconds.
  For advanced, try it with no hands. Completely different, isn't it!
Make sure to hang on to something for balance. This is another exercise that will help the first few times out. Especially with the push off (skating) to the lift lines.

Lower Body Excercises

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