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Hamstring Stretch

The hamstring stretch is a great way to loosen up those tight back leg muscles (hamstrings) and because it's a standing stretch, you can do it pretty much anywhere. I use it a lot when I'm waiting in the lift line. Also, when used with the toe pointing upward you get the added benefit of stretching the calf muscle. This will help with the burn you get from toeside carves.

The Details
1. Standing upright, place hands on left thigh.
2. Point left toe up and bend at the waist. (keep right leg bent).
3. Stretch to the point of tightness and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.
4. Repeat with opposite side.
I used this stretch a lot when starting out. Because of the multi-joint flexion and extension the body goes through, I found this movement helpful.

Lower Body Excercises

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