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Piriformis stretch

The piriformis stretch can be a great benefit to the snowboarder. The muscles being stretched are the lateral rotators of the hip, one being the piriformis muscle. This muscle when overly tight can press against the sciatic nerve causing lower leg and back pain. Because the rider uses these specific muscles carving and spinning, its easy to see why this stretch is useful.

The Details
1. Lying supine (flat on back) clasp hands behind head.
2. Rest left foot on bent right knee.
3. Slowly lift right leg up. Stop and hold 10-30 seconds when you feel tightness in hip muscle.
4. Lower right foot to floor and repeat.
5. When finished switch legs.
You'll find these muscles (along with the internal hip rotators) get used quite a bit starting out, especially when one foot is out of binding (skating). This one is good to do anytime.

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