Snowboard Workout Program
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Balance Board

Maintaining balance on one of these is a challenge, but for snowboard conditioning it can't be beat! Working about every stabilizer in the body, this exercise is especially important for strengthening all three compartments of the lower leg: the gastroc, peroneal and tibial complex. These guys are vitally important for control, and responsible for the "burn" you get during the first couple runs down the mountain. For the advanced try the Voodoo Board or Rolo Board.

The Details
1. Position feet same width as riding stance.
2. With arms out to side maintain balance on board by keeping outside edges off ground.
3. For those with healthy knees try lowering body by bending at knee while maintaining upper body position.
4. Try different stances to work other muscle groups.
This exercise will not only help with lower body conditioning, it naturally places the upper body and arms in the same position used for riding. Work on keeping upright with slight flexion of knees for now.

Lower Body Excercises

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