Snowboard Workout Program
CPT Fitness

Basic Squat

An exercise that is very snowboard specific! The Squat works about every muscle in the lower 2/3rds of the body! The movement focuses on hip, knee, and ankle Flexion/Extension. This exercise will help prepare you for takeoffs, protect you from the impact of landings, and helps counteract some of the G forces in turns. For advanced: try it with a balance board and you'll work muscles you never thought you had!

The Details
1. Position bar on back of neck.
2. Position feet same width as riding stance.
3. Looking ahead or slightly up, descend to 90 degrees knee flexion, bending more at hips and knees instead of the ankle. Knees should be positioned even or slightly behind toes.
4. Keeping lower back neutral (no rounding)! raise to upright position.
Start by descending to 45 degrees instead of 90. Once the knee structure feels stable, gradually increase your range of motion (1-2 degrees at a time). Also, keep a sharp eye on your form (see above). The weight should be light. Bodyweight or bar to start is fine.

Lower Body Excercises

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